Chris' Corner: Replacing Windows in your South Simcoe Home?

Replacing Windows in your South Simcoe Home?

Are you considering replacing your windows in your South Simcoe Home?  My friend, Dale Baker, a New Hampshire area Home inspector and energy auditor recently shared this great information about Window Energy efficiency.

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If you live in New Hampshire and need an energy audit or a home inspection, click on his link below and contact Dale Baker, you will be very glad you did.

Home Energy Efficient Questions about Windows, I receive a lot of Frequently Ask Questions from folks by way of phone calls and e-mails which have to do with Window Energy Efficiency. Folks sure can end up having a lot of Energy lost through their home's windows, whether it be from Cooling the home during the Summer Months or Heating the home during the Fall and Winter Months.

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One of the questions has to do with explaining about the U-Values and R-Values of windows. The U-Values are used in order to express the amount of heat which is transferred though a window by conduction, convection and radiation. So the lower the U-Value a window has.

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The R-Value is used in order to express the resistance to the flow of energy. A higher resistance to energy loss, and thus a higher R-Value sure is better. Folks want to note that the R-Value equals the mathematical inverse of the U-Value. A window that has a U-Value of 0.5 will have an R-Value of 2.


Home Energy Efficient Questions about Windows, what are Low-E windows? Low-E windows are the windows that have a special coating which limits the heat transfer through the window. during the cold weather Months, less heat escape through your window glass, sure will keep more heat inside your home. As a result, the Furnace will not have to work as hard and you'll sure save on your energy bills. During the warm weather Months, a Low-E window keeps the outside heat from coming in, which sure will help to keep the inside of your home to stay cooler.

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Which will give you a result of your Air Conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep your home cool, which in turn you'll sure save on your energy bills. You'll find that a Low-E coating has about the same insulating value that an additional pane of glass. A double-glazed Low-E window will insulate just about as well as that of a triple-glazed clear window does.

Double Glazed Windows

Home Energy Efficient Questions about Windows, is it better to replace or to renovate my home's windows? many homeowners ask this question. Folks look to Energy Efficient windows to help them to reduce the energy loss of their home. While replacing the current windows of a home with energy efficient windows certainly can help, it might not be the best way to use your home's improvement dollars. Although new energy efficient windows are a mighty nice upgrade, but folks will want to remember that they can be very expensive when compared to other energy saving upgrades that can be done to a home.

Also folks want to remember even though they have added energy efficient windows to their home, doing so does not increase the resale value of a home as window companies and some others would like folks to be
lieve. About the only ways it can is if the home has very old single-pane aluminum windows, or the windows of the home are rotten and performing very poorly. You could end up saving more energy by adding less expensive upgrades to your home.

Window Flashing

Home Energy Efficient Questions about Windows, before putting out the money on Energy Efficient windows, you'll want to have an Energy Assessment done on your home in order to find out exactly your home is losing the most energy, and what you can best do about fixing the energy loss problems. In a lot of homes the lack of having enough insulation and air leaks is the main cause of the homes energy loss than windows do. Sealing the air leaks and adding insulation will not only help reduce your energy bills dramatically, but by doing those things will also help to improve the indoor comfort of a home by cutting drafts and heat infiltrations.

Sealing the ductwork, servicing the heating and cooling systems and replacing an old water heater sure can give folks an impressive energy saving result for a much less cost than installing energy efficient windows in a home. Even the most energy efficient windows can allow energy to escape from your home. Although replacing your home's current windows with new energy efficient windows will help to improve heat loss, but by doing so will not totally eliminate the heat loss that is experience through windows. Instead of replacing your home's windows, why not think more along the lines of repairing them, which will help improve their energy efficiency with a minimal expense.

Energy out the Window

Home Energy Efficient Questions about Windows, simply caulking your home's window frames can make a noticeable difference with reducing your home's energy loss and improving your comfort. If you do go ahead and decide to install new energy efficient windows, which ones are the best to get? I'm sure sorry to have to say, unfortunately there's just no simple answer to that question for folks. There sure are countless options which are based on style, materials, glass treatments, number of panes and gas fillings. It really come down to personal preference. There is an easy way to compare the energy efficiency of all types of windows. That's the National Fenestration Ratings Council sticker which is affixed to energy efficient windows, which allows folks to compare their performance on a variety of measures.

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Chris ~ amazing information about energy efficient windows! Great choice for a re-blog!!

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