Chris' Corner: "P" trap Home maintenance secret — "It smells awful!"

"P" trap Home maintenance secret — "It smells awful!"

I have been hearing comments very similar to this from visitors to a home that is emptpy for long periods.  If you are experiencing similar odours from a sink or drain in your home, perhaps the solution is as easy as my friend, San Diego Home Inspector Russel Ray suggests...

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Home maintenance secret
"It smells awful!"

In line with my previous post, "Why would anyone pee in a sink?", here's an easy home maintenance secret which works well when you have a sink that only gets used when Grandma and Granddad come for Christmas, or when you have a house that's been vacant for more than a couple of weeks:

Run some water in the sink!


What sometimes happens at sinks that don't get used often is that the water creating the seal in the P trap will evaporate, allowing sewer gases to come up into the house. When you walk into a house where the P trap seals have evaporated, you'll know it. "It smells awful!" The simple act of running some water in the sink will fill the P trap and re-create the water seal.

This makes a good case for keeping utilities on at foreclosures, but if the bank refuses, it is useful to keep an old milk carton full of water in your trunk. When you're at a property with no running water, just pour some water down the sink. A couple of cups of water should do the trick.

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