Chris' Corner: What is Radon???

What is Radon???

Mark Aajkar, a home inspector from Ossining, NY, and Active Rain Blogger shared this information recently on Radon.

Knowledge is Power and enable better decisions.  If you are interested in this subject, read on...

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If you've been in real estate in the past hundred years I am sure you've heard that one once or twice...


What is Radon??? Radon is a noble radioactive gas caused by uranium in soils and mainly granite. It releases Alpha decay in the air through the radioactive radon gas. It is invisible, odorless, tasteless and deadly. Radon related deaths occur every year in the upward number of 20,000 people its primary related death is lung cancer... This is a staggering amount for something that is easily abated.


Attic fan (image provided by Geoff Bolen of RTCA)


Basement (image provided by Geoff Bolen of RTCA)


Depending on logistics and levels a radon abatement system typically costs as much as a decent fridge ranging from $1,000 to $2,000. Essentially all it is, is a 4'' PVC pipe with a fan inside of it creating a negative pressure beneath the slab to vent the air to the outside. You can get pretty elaborate with flow meter and alarms.

Just to clarify some things... Simply opening a window or moving around in the home will not "significantly" reduce your levels of radon gas in the home. It has been shown to slightly reduce however it does not justify not installing a necessary system.

Radon Canisters

How do you test for radon there are several methods but most commonly used are two activated charcoal canisters placed side by side at the lowest "occupying" location in the home (this should not mean 2' crawlspace areas only accessible through a closet). They are cheap and extremely effective. I can't vouch for other states but in NYS last year all home inspectors were given notice that anyone found testing for radon using an "on site" radon analysis computer will be subject to a $10,000. This is completely understandable. For one they are not a certified testing labs and second calibration could easily be off. So next time your buyer says to you... OMG we have a radon issue!!! I hope this help you educate them. 







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