Chris' Corner: New Tecumseth Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

New Tecumseth Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Peter and Linda Pfann have some of the best seasonal home checklists around.  Their fall checklist is the most comprehensive one I have seen, and I want to share it with you.

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist for Greater Victoria, October Edition
Fall Home Maintenance Season in VictoriaWow Fall is really here, October brings the real warnings of the fall and winter storms.... so far so good, near perfect weather, just a few rainy days and bit of wind stay tuned..........

We know we are on borrowed time, Eventually all this nice weather will turn into our "GRAY" Season and we need to get all this fall and winter preperation stuff done before it is too late, the garden or the house receives damage, or we have to fix problems in the rain or at great expense......

By allocating a few hours each weekend or when the weather allows it to prepare and handle all the typical maintenance and seasonal change events, and by the time the the real nasty stuff shows up, you will be all done and enjoying the benefits of your efforts.

In fact, once the work is done why not check out some of our amazing beaches in and around Victoria, they are spetacular during a big wind.

 However, for now please allocate a few hours here or there, to complete the items on the Greater Victoria Home Maintenance Checklist for October.

To keep ongoing Victoria home and property maintenance manageable Peter and Linda Pfann  have created a short list of suggestions for you as a qu
ick and easy monthly reminder. You will find that completing these easy and simple tasks, will avoid getting "burned" with more extensive and expensive repairs in the long run.

Our Suggestions for October are both maintenance tips as well as getting ready for fall and winter suggestions, questions and tips. As you will notice, some items and suggestions are carried over from previous months, as we are getting ready for the Winter, we hope you will take the time to catch up on all the the items to ensure a smooth and trouble free holiday season for the family (and the home).

 Outside of the house, let's do a good walk around and review and make a few maintenance fixes for example:

  • The Leaves are falling, do you have a good method to collect, and dispose of them, they can be a real trip hazard.
  • How is the lighting around the house, yard, walks etc. not that it is getting darker earlier, can you walk around your house and from and to all the places that may need to get at, without potential hazards, tripping danger, so keep things well lit, clear of stuff and overgrowth.
  • What are you going to do with the patio/balcony furniture, seasonal yard decorations, BB Q's etc. etc. do you have place for things and if so, is it safe, secure and ready for you get at.
  • For your garden's, are you ready for the winter, pruned, protected and cleaned.? Did You take down all the Hanging Baskets, and other hanging items that might get or cause damage in the winter weather?
  • When was the last time you had the septic emptied, the storm as well as the waste water drains cleaned?
  • As the rainy season will eventually be upon us, how is the roof, the gutters, downspouts, windows, the caulking, weather stripping?
  • Is there any need to trim, prune, relocate, remove any plants, scrubs, trees etc.?
  • How is the fence looking, the gates, the siding for the house, is/are the storage shed(s), garage(s) ready for the fall and winter season?
  • How is the Chimney.... ? When was the last time the chimney and for that matter the heating unit it self was "professionally serviced"
  • Have you Drained the Sprinkler system, and protect all outside bibs from freezing?
  • Removing screens from windows, will let more light in the house, and prevent damage
  • Install the storm windows, or upgrade the existing windows in the house.

The way we often look after things is walking around with a tool belt or bag of basic tools, and fix things as we go about our way for a few hours at the time.
Here is your Greater Victoria Home Maintenance Checklist for October 2011:
If you have any suggestions items that you think we should add or explain more about, please contact Peter and Linda Pfann


  • How is the oil/propane supply? if you are heating or cooking with either, now is the time to make sure you have ample supply, and while you are at it, when was the last time the furnace was "professionally cleaned"? (there should be a sticker on the furnace with a date or series of dates). 
  • Do you have a gas, propane, wood or pellet heater or fireplace? When was the last time the heating unit it self was "professionally serviced" 
  • For Hot water heating systems, now is the time to bleed the air out of the system (if any) and check if there is any obvious visual issues with the system (have a professional make repairs).
  • Clean all heaters, ducts, vents, make sure all dampers, and shut offs are working as intended
  • Smoke Detectors - Check operation by pushing test button to cause it to emit sound - if it does not check the circuit breaker. Check and replace the battery when necessary. (Most detectors will emit an intermittent beep when the battery is failing).
  • Check CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors if installed.
  • Check the fire extinguishers for proper charge levels indicated on the gauge. Homeowners may contact their local Fire Department for recommendations on the appropriate number of extinguishers and the best locations to place them.
  • Test all GFCIs to ensure proper operation.
  • Clean in-sink garburator blades by grinding small ice cubes and sliced lemon, while running cold water down the drain (this will remove food debris which causes odors).
  • Clean or replace range hood filter and make sure it exhausts properly.
  • Check for signs of water leaks around toilets, under sinks and around dishwasher regularly.
  • Clean and freshen sink drains by flushing with warm water and baking soda.
  • Inspect and clean or replace furnace filters, humidifier plates or Fall Home Maintenance Season in Victoriadrums and electronic air filters. Clean with a calcium and rust remover or replace as required per the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Clean aerators on faucets regularly and check screens in washing machine supply hoses.
  • Check water filters and water softener appliances regularly. The life of the filters is dependent upon water usage and local water conditions.
  • Clean your dryer lint trap regularly, if your home has a booster fan installed be sure to check and clean the lint trap in that as well. Damaged or torn lint traps should be replaced.
  • Check the Temperature Pressure Release (TPR) valve on the water heater.
  • The hot water tank could also be drained every six months to prevent sediment build up. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to turn off gas or power and protect against hot water burns. (mixed opinions exist on flushing water tanks)
  • Check the Garage door safety retreat mechanism, adjust or repair as needed.
  • Keep propane and other flammable products properly closed and secure, and in shaded areas and prevent overheating.

Fall Home Maintenance Season in VictoriaTo complete this entire Victoria Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist for October will take  a few hours each day during a weekend.
If you do not want to climb on ladders or feel uncomfortable completing some or all of these tasks,  please talk to Peter and Linda Pfann, 
we have a number of resources that will ensure that you home and yourself are well cared for any time of the year.

With this Victoria Home Maintenance Checklist for October, the work does not have to feel or be a chore, so we hope you have a little Pfunn with it, make it a family project and share the load.
Before you know it, you will be enjoying the fruits of your labour, and will have saved lots of money, time and frustration.

Here is a link to the Victoria Real Estate Board Statistical Reports, and published every month. Victoria Real Estate Market Snapshot


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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist for Greater Victoria, October Edition


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