Chris' Corner: What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

Ray Wilson, a New York home inspector and active rain blogger, posted this article I want to share with you... The point I want to make is that when he points this issue out, it is obvious what's missing... but if you were looking at this home, would you have noticed?

...Really?  Another reason to hire a professional home inspector.

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I see many types of older and newer circuit breaker panels in peoples homes, and there are several brands that, when seen, should be replaced. But other less obvious panels also should be removed and replaced with modern panels, like the one I found yesterday.

This particular panel in the photo has no main disconnect switch, otherwise known as the main circuit breaker. This type of service panel must be updated because all service panels should be able to be shut off completely with one switch. Sometimes this switch is located outside the house at the service meter, but not in this case.

People - even electricians - have been electrocuted because the large switch is turned off but some of the box is still live. These split-buss panels have a section that is still live even though the largest switch in the panel is off.

The buyer of this house in Syossett, NY is aware of this now that the inspection has taken place, and he has taken this in stride. I take the time before the inspection to let clients know these types of things are to be expected in older homes.

He was quite pleased, and now repeats the slogan - Don't be ridiculous, call Meticulous!


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