Chris' Corner: Organize Storage Space before marketing your home

Organize Storage Space before marketing your home

This post has some great "no cost" tips on how to organize your home prior to sale.  Concentrating mainly on storage space, here are some ideas that you might want to consider prior to putting your Alliston, Beeton, or Tottenham home on the market.

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We Buy Houses - Mansfield TX: The most seasoned home sales professionals have something over on those trying to sell a house for the first time. Their expertise comes with much experience and most importantly, they know tricks and tips that can be passed along to sellers when they prepare their homes to go on the market. Selling your own house definitely has its advantages, but there’s no reason you can’t use some of the pro tricks to help you sell your own house.

Organization Tips for SellersMost of the best tips have to do with the way you have things organized in the house when you show it. One of the greatest things about a house that sells quickly is the storage available. If your house is somewhat small or you have a great many items in the house, you can still give it the illusion of having lots and lots of good storage options. You can make it appear to have lots of space to move around and in which to place furniture and other household items.

The first step is to begin sorting through what you have. Decide what you need or want, what you can do without, and what is just trash. When you go to your new digs you’ll want a fresh start anyway, so donate what you don’t think you want or need any longer, put what you may need someday in storage or pack it up in anticipation of the move, and haul out anything can isn’t any good to anyone. The house will look much different after you’ve completed that step and you will be one step closer to packing up when you do sell the house and move.

Now go to your closets and cabinets and organize them neatly. Buyers will look in the closets and under the sinks. In the kitchen, put spices and condiments in order, even going so far as to place the spice jars in alphabetical order. Stack the dishes by size and color, put cups in rows by size and type, and have coffee cup handles turned the same direction.

Your clothes closets will get the same treatment. Sort shirts from pants and face them all in like direction and with their buttons closed. Place the shoes in an organized manner, all lined up and in neat pairs. These are examples of what you can do to give the illusion of organized storage space available in your house.


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