Chris' Corner: Five Top Essential Tools For Every Homeowner

Five Top Essential Tools For Every Homeowner

Bill Zoller, a US Home Inspect building consultant shared this handy information for every homeowner who is not a handyman.

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For the women in our audience, you've probably heard your father, husband or boyfriend comment at one time or another, "You can never have enough tools!" Especially, if you're married to the type that likes tinkerin' and fixin'!

But, seriously, if you had to choose your "5" most important tools, what would they be?  You know, the ones you couldn't function in your home without.

Well, here's my initial list. I had to think long and hard about this one, but experience has shown me most jobs around the house can be solved with these very essential and basic tools:

  1. Phillips Screwdriver - always necessary. Make sure the end is sharp, not deteriorated or worn. Many screws, blunt and pointed, can accomodate both a flathead or phillips type screwdriver.
  2. Flathead Screwdriver - Same rules as above apply. Must not be worn. The best size also is not too small, and not too big. Too fat at the head and you won't be able to access the screw head slot. Too small, and you won't have the torque capability you might need.
  3. Pliers - Bullnose, Pointed, or Channel Lock. Some combo types give you added functionality. I prefer the pointed pliers myself because I can reach down and secure objects in dark areas like P-traps or under sinks.
  4. Flashlight - Fully charged. In earlier years, I may not have included this one, but as I've aged, the bright light provided in those dark spaces makes the job so much easier to perform.
  5. Hammer - You can always use a hammer to nail, pry, or pound.  Every job, it seems, has some of that!

Well, those are my top choices. What are yours?  I'd be truly interested in hearing from you and seeing your "Top 5"!

Like I said at the beginning, you can never really have too many tools in your tool box!  And, as a homeowner or even a renter, your life will be simpler with essential tools.

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