Chris' Corner: What's Yer Gripe? It Works...

What's Yer Gripe? It Works...

In this post, Michael Thornton, a Nashville and area Tennessee Home Inspector manages to illustrate, rather dramatically, that the average buyer cannot do as thorough a home inspection as a knowledgeable and professional home inspector. Most people would not even notice this when looking to buy a home.

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What's Yer Gripe? It Works...
Home inspectors can be picky so and so's. Like certain parts of the anatomy, Flippers...sometimes we raise a stink, but we do serve a purpose.
     Having been in the home inspection industry as long as I have, I think I have seen just about everything - or at least new adaptations of the same 'ol same 'ol. That is, until I came across this ingenious plumbing issue in a flipper. What makes this plumbing issue not so common are the following:
    1.    The nipple just below and above the plumbing stop under the sink is black iron which is not designed for potable water. This material is commonly used for gas lines. The proper material would be galvanized steel.
    2.    The coupling used to join the two sections of pipe is a compression type coupling. While these may be okay for pipes under the house or buried in the yard, these can leak. And, being in the cabinet under the sink, a leak here has the potential to do a lot of hidden damage.
    3.    Although this handy man repair is functional, it does not comply with acceptable trade practices and will need to be reviewed by a professional in the appropriate trade.
     Flippers, ya gotta love 'em. Well, at least I do. They keep me employed...

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