Chris' Corner: Flipper Fodder 3 - Foaming That Flashing!

Flipper Fodder 3 - Foaming That Flashing!

This is the third in a series Jay Markanich, a Virginia area home inspector has posted titled "Flipper Fodder".   If you want to leave a message for Jay, please click on the his link below.

Seeing this flashing "repair" from the outside, I could hardly wait to see what was going on inside to warrant such an over-the-top "solution!"  Just remember, things aren't always repaired by foaming that flashing!

I think Flipper noticed that water had been coming in and wetting the firewall between units.

This is an older neighborhood, built in the 70s, so the firewall between townhouses is masonry.

Apparently some really good Internet investigation revealed some products new to Flipper - shingle drip edges, fascia boards, counter flashing and poly foam!

Yes, the wonderful poly foam!

And he went to work!

There was step flashing on the neighbor's shingles, so that is likely not where the water was coming in.

And there was water evidence inside the attic, although the insulation did not seem as though it had gotten that wet. 

You notice the poly foam goes from the ridge all the way to the bottom and under the front gutter!  It's very uniform too!

My favorite feature is the little sentry at the top.  I'm getting the image of a prairie dog out of it.  At least that's what it looks like to me.

Prairie dogs like to look all directions, so that is the perfect perch for him.

You will also notice, to the right, how the top "counter flashing" incorrectly goes under the lower "counter flashing" (I put the quotes because the term is used VERY loosely), but fortunately that gap is totally sealed with foam!

You should know that this poly foam, which comes with different sizes of expansion, is NOT an exterior product.  The sun deteriorates it, and fairly rapidly.  This is fresh enough that it's still shiny!  So it still looks, um, good.  This time next year it will be a mess.


Thank goodness for the Internet so Flippers can research all the newest roofing techniques!  If not for that comprehensive research it might still be leaking!

Can we sing our Flipper Fodder song now?

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.
Stuck in the middle with you...

My recommendation:  when you pull up to a house, don't forget to look up!  There might just be a little sentry watching over you too.




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