Chris' Corner: Has It Been Like This Since The House Was Built?

Has It Been Like This Since The House Was Built?

When I see an issue like this, I am of the same opinion of most home inspectors, address the issue!  Just because "it has always been like this" is not a good nor safe reason to keep it this way!  Thank you, Jay Markanich, Virginia area home inspector and active rain blogger for sharing this information with us. Want to leave a comment? Click on Jay's link below.

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The seller has been in the house since it was built in 1963.  She is alone and "moving on."  She would be unable to answer a question such as I would ask.  As regards the service cable, has it been like this since the house was built?

The main service cable was brought into the furnace room, and connected to the panel box, through an opening in the floor.

The protective plate does not appear to have ever been nailed on as there are no other holes in the wood.

The service cable has insulation which is placed around a cellophane tape that encases the individually-insulated electric cables and ground line.

Can you see what bothers me?












The outside, insulating sheathing appears to have been intentionally removed.  Why?  And it looks to me as if it happened when the house was built, literally cut and peeled back.

Was that the only hole possible to use for installing it?  Was the hole too small so the insulation had to be removed to fit it through?  Why not just make the hole bigger?  How much of the insulation is stripped off?  All the way to the electric meter?

From here the cable passes between floors to the exterior wall where the electric meter is located.  It will turn, go up inside the drywall and then through the wall and into the backside of the electric meter.  It is not visible at any other point from this hole in the floor.

That hole has been used since.  The gray cable comes in from the very new photo eye box on the front of the house servicing the very new front yard light.  That all appears to have been put in by an electrician.  He must have seen this frayed service cable.  I guess it didn't excite him.

My recommendation:  sometimes we find things on home inspections that are odd and lead us to wonder what can or should be done.  But just because something has been there for a long time doesn't mean it should stay that way.  If this came up on your home inspection, what do you think the Realtor should do?



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