Chris' Corner: It Will Work, But...

It Will Work, But...

As regular reader know, I often share information published by Michael Thornton, a Nashville TN area home inspector and Active Rain blogger.  In this post, Michael addresses a very common concern: Is the air conditioner the right size for the home it is meant to cool?  I always disable comments on posts I have re-blogged, so if you want to leave a message for Michael, please click on his link below.

It Will Work, But...
     I get calls from folks that are selling properties about items that have been ID plate for a typical compressor unituncovered during the inspection, especially if it involves a rehab. For the sake of profitability, it is not unusual for rehabbers to "make do" with what they have or items that have been installed.
     One of the items home inspectors check is make sure the size of the HVAC unit matches the foot print of the property. The "rule of thumb" guideline that inspectors need to use for cooling is approximately 650 square feet of living space per ton of unit.
     The main purpose of an AC unit is to first dehumidify, then condition the air. If the unit is too big, then it will not adequately dehumidify although it will certainly cool the air. This can lead to water condensation and water stains on the ceiling. If the unit is too small, it will not do a good job of either, and the unit will have to continuously run just to try to do something with the air. conditioning the air.
     Putting a 3-1/2 ton unit into a 3700 square foot house will work but... It is like putting a 4 banger engine in a Hummer. It will work and get you from point A to point B, but there just might be something lacking in the performance department...

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Chris-thanks for sharing this. Really some good information that might go unnoticed.

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