Chris' Corner: Buying a New Home in South Simcoe, Ontario?

Buying a New Home in South Simcoe, Ontario?

The construction of a new home is a very complicated project with thousands of moving parts, in this post, Jay Markanich, a Virginia Home inspector and active rain blogger, shares one issue he found in a new home inspection.  Would you have found this?  Be honest... this is just another good reason to hire a professional home inspector when purchasing a property, resale or new!

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Drip pans are common and necessary.  They are the pans you see under the washing machine, HVAC unit and water heater if those appliances are on upper floors.  You sometimes even see them when on the lower floor.

Hopefully these pans will never be needed as they are only used if there is a leak from any of those appliances.  But should there be a leak, drip pans are crucial.

If different pans are going to be plumbed consecutively, there should be no drip pan misdirection non-connection.

In this new construction, all three appliances were in a columnar line, and connected.

I did not know that.

The supervisor came by during the inspection and asked if I had any questions. 

Yes!  The stackable washer/dryer and HVAC unit were beside each other in two closets on the upper level.  Unusual, but I could see the drip pan connection of the W/D, and not under the HVAC unit.

He assured me they were connected.  In fact, said he, drip pans are very important to him.  He personally makes sure they are all connected. 

I asked where the drain goes and he said they were connected to the water heater's pan and they drain out back.  I had seen the line coming out of the house, so I believed him.  But I had not yet seen the water heater.

When I told him I had never seen three appliances so connected together, he flew into a hissy fit and explained how smart it is, and efficient, and how he MAKES SURE THE CONNECTIONS ARE SOLID!

<--------  Then I found and showed him this.

And I said, "Well, this surely needs to be connected!  But, what happens if the outside discharge gets clogged with a stuck mouse.  Wouldn't the water back up into the water heater pan, which is small, and get into the house?" *

He just looked at me.  I think I heard crickets.

My recommendation:  don't forget your new construction inspections!  You never know what magician's misdirection you might run into!  Even if it is "efficient."  Oh, all drip pans really, really need to be connected to their drain!

*  The chance that this could happen is extremely, extremely remote.  But with this arrangement not impossible.  But I couldn't resist the fun!



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