Chris' Corner: Buying a home in New Tecumseth? Get a professional home inspection!

Buying a home in New Tecumseth? Get a professional home inspection!

Here is another post of Jay Markanich, a Virginia Home Inspector and fellow active rain blogger.  Buying a home?  Whether it is new, resale, a flip, older or rural home, you really should invest in a good home inspection.  Not convinced? ... read on ...  If you are buying a home in Virginia, call Jay!  If you are looking to buy a home in New Tecumseth, Alliston, Beeton, Tottenham, Everett, Cookstown or Innisfil, call me, Chris Smith @ 1.866.936.3500 for competent and professional advice and help!

Flips always provide so much fun.  I run into things on every inspection of a flipped house that I have never seen before.  And never before imagined!

Take this fridge for instance.

It's not the best, but not the lowest quality either.

It was moved from the other side of the kitchen to this side.  It looks great!

You can see that the wall was changed to accommodate this new location. 

And you can see that this opening was created specifically for THIS PARTICULAR FRIDGE!

That's never good thinking.  When the time comes to buy a new fridge, the owner better measure carefully!

But I digress...

Standing first in front and then beside the fridge, I felt moving cold air.

Looking around the kitchen I did not see an HVAC register.

So why am I feeling cold air flowing?

Pulling the fridge out, I discovered that the cavity behind was completely unfinished!

No drywall, plumbing and electrical completely exposed and not secured to anything, and an unattractive spot.

But why the air flow?

Do you see it?

In order to create the space for the fridge, things had to be removed.  Like the HVAC duct!  This is why I didn't see an HVAC register in the kitchen!  It's no longer visible - but it's there!!

Can you imagine the conversation?

"Mommy, I'm hot."
"Then go stand by the fridge."

The coolest spot in the kitchen is beside the fridge!  And in winter, a major side benefit, it will be the warmest!  Unless someone is cooking...

My recommendation:  if you ever, EVER, think you won't need an inspection of a flipped house (because it's so GORGEOUS inside), give me a call so I can pound some sense into your head.  Nicely of course.  When we're done, you'll understand.


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