Chris' Corner: "Stunning Professional Patio And Stairs"

"Stunning Professional Patio And Stairs"

Jay Markanich, a home inspector from Bristow Va, and fellow active rain blogger recently posted some information about "professional Patio and Stairs" that I felt compelled to share.  Looking for a home?  Heed his advice! Looking for a home in Alliston, Beeton, Tottenham or Orangeville? Call me, Chris Smith @ 1.866.936.3500

Thus read the Flipper's Fantastic Features list.  Impressive list too.  You already met the fridge.  Now would you like to see the stunning professional patio and stairs

It is all very stunning.

Level, square, and sturdy.

OK, the new aluminum wrap is getting a little stepped on under the door.

But that is only a slight oversight.

But all is not as it appears.

The patio does have some sinking areas in spots and some loose pavers.

But that is not what I focused on.

Looking at the stairs from the outside, before everyone arrived, it didn't look right.

I noticed, for example, that the second layer of pavers is resting on wood underneath.

That can't be strong.  Or sturdy.

So I poked around.

And I was right.  It isn't strong.

Or sturdy.

Or stunning.

Or professional.

Can you see from this photo how it is all put together?

Does this help?

This staircase was put together with glue!

>  The pavers are glued together in small sections.
>  Plywood rests between the layers.
>  The side pavers are just sitting there, even without any glue.
>  The glue has dried.
>  As glue dries it shrinks.  As this glue shrunk it released what it was holding onto.
>  And this "staircase" has completely come apart.

I actually left it like this so the buyer could see it!

He was, um, impressed!  Really, really impressed.

And he said something interesting, "Is this the kind of thing we are going to find inside?"

I said that probably, yes!

Thus beginneth the inspection.  Yes, it took a while, on this little townhouse!

My recommendation:  when you read the word "professional" on any features list, ask to see the receipts or invoices from the "professional" who did the work.  If they cannot be provided, how can the fabulous features list be proved as correct?  If things don't add up from the start, they won't add up later.



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