Chris' Corner: Attempting a repair? Ensure the job gets completed!

Attempting a repair? Ensure the job gets completed!

This is another post of Jay Markanich, Bristow VA Home Inspector and active rain blogger.  He highlights possible issues that can arise when a repair job (in this case a coolant line) is not completed...

When repairs are made to anything, you have to complete the job! 

When you see spots on the floor you usually only have to look up to see why they are there.

These clients asked me what was causing these spots.  I said, "Look up."

The cause of the dripping, which caused those spots, was easily seen.

Air conditioning low pressure lines carry the very cold coolant back to the indoor AC coils to cool the house.

As this line gets so cold it has to be insulated.

Typically that insulation is a thick, black, foamy rubber insulation.  It is wrapped around that line and sealed here and there with nylon straps.

Apparently this line needed to be repaired.  No problem, just cut off that insulation and fix it!  But remember, as a professional you know that line gets real cold.  It needs new insulation when you're done!  Be sure to replace the insulation!

Why?  Because if you don't it will get cold, sweat and drip!

That isn't dripping because it's leaking anywhere.  The professional already fixed that leak!

My recommendation:  when repairs are made, look to make sure they actually finish the job.  Like a professional!



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