Chris' Corner: Has Your Pot Gone to Pot?

Has Your Pot Gone to Pot?

I have seen evidence of leaky wax seals under toilets ocassionally in my travels... Michael Thornton, a Nashville TN home inspector and Active Rain Blogger gives some great tips on how to check if you might have a problem and what to look for.  If you do, repair it, the sooner the better...


Has Your Pot Gone to Pot?

Water stains and loose bowl are a sign of potential issues     Having been in the home inspecting business for over a decade, nothing really surprises me anymore. Seen it. Probed it. Wrote it. There are, however, some things that would seem to me that the average home owner would take note of. <sigh> But they don't.
     One of the more common issues I find in properties is with the china --- facility that is. Most folks sit, use, flush and get on with life. Loose toilets and leaking wax flange seals can literally eat you out of house and home. The nutrients in Black Water and the constant water source feed bacteria and fungi that will destroy wood. The only thing that was keeping this toilet from hitting ground zero was the chase and it was giving way.
Extensive water damage to subfloor and framing caused by leaking toilet.
     The easiest tests to see if your pot is gone to pot are as follows: Look to see if there are obvious signs of darkening of the flooring around the base. If there is, you may have a leak. Grab each side of the bowl and see if you can rip it out of the floor. If you can pick it up, wobble it too and fro or if it is easy to move from side to side, typically means that you have a problem, Huston. Best call for a licensed contractor in the appropriate trade to make necessary repairs. Also, if you have a crawlspace, have them check to see if there may be some structural damage. Early detection can save you 25 pounds of grief...

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