Chris' Corner: Commercial Buildings Have Inspection Problems Too

Commercial Buildings Have Inspection Problems Too


Jay Markanich, an active rain blogger and home inspector working in the Bristow VA area, shared why it is important to have a building inspection of a commercial property...


The first thing I do on commercial building inspections is look at the windows.  What could possibly be wrong with those big, strong, thick, heavy windows?

How they were installed.  Oh, and the caulking.  Not to mention what surrounds them.  Etc.  Just about everything!

On this 24 year old building the caulking was separating and the mortar joints were cracking.  The water getting in to the metal lintel over the window was causing rust.  This is the weather side of the building, so installation is very relevant!











This is over each corner of the same window.  Cracking caulk, mortar joint deterioration and rusting lintel.  Representative.  Does this cause problems inside?



















Gee, you tell me!  Methinks this has been like this for a while.   What you see outside above each side of this window is contributing to what you see in each side of this window!  Someone was using this office, many hours a day!  Someone new WILL be using this office, many hours a day.  Yummie...

My recommendation:  don't think that an inspection on a commercial building, even if you are renting the space, isn't worth the effort!  Things crop up, and building maintenance should be informed!

And in this area you might just meet a fellow AR member!  It was great to finally meet and interact with commercial realtor  Michael Setunsky!



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