Chris' Corner: cherimoya - an taste experience!

cherimoya - an taste experience!

I was commenting on a blog earlier today and the graphic at the bottom of the blog was the word CHERIMOYA.

This was the name of the fruit I had tried for the first time late last month.  I was visiting with my parents and my father wanted me to try this strange looking fruit.  He told me that his mother had talked about a fruit that she had eaten as a youth and had never seen again. 

cherimoya tree

He was in an Asian food mart in Markham and saw the name.  He pronounced it phonetically like "cherry moyer".

It looked a little like a similar fruit I have often seen in Chinese food marts called a custard apple.  He had bought two and shared one with me.  It was definitely ripe, slightly soft and perhaps bordering on the over ripe...




He cut this fruit (probably the size of a large orange) with it's thick green skin in half, and inside was a healthy amount of white flesh and pods of black seeds.

I am not sure if I am doing the fruit justice to say that it tastes a little like a guava and a custard apple.  It is not an overpowering flavour, and when ripe is very sweet.  A cherimoya seems to have much more flesh and less seeds that a custard apple which, in my experience have white flesh surrounding each individual seeds, but definitely is similar.  Some sites say that a cherimoya and a custard apple are the same, but the custard apples I have seen and eaten look like this:

Custard Apple

custard apple

If you have never tried a cherimoya and ever happen upon it, take the chance and buy one.  If it is still hard, I would keep it out of direct sunlight and extreme heat until it softens, cut it in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon (do not swallow or eat the seeds) and then prepare yourself for a taste sensation.

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