Chris' Corner: "BEE ware" of stinging insects in New Tecumseth, ON!

"BEE ware" of stinging insects in New Tecumseth, ON!


Michael Thornton, an exceptional home inspector working in the Nashville TN area and fellow Active Rain blogger posted this article about stinging insects.  Having had first hand experience with both wasps and hornets, I would add to be careful when opening up a BBQ or Gas Grill after a long period of inactivity.  My father had severe stings twice, once as a result of mowing over a hornets nest on the lawn tractor and the second time while cleaning the gutters.  The multiple stings resulted in him developing an adverse anaphylactic reaction to stings requiring him to constantly carry an epi-pen.  We have used, with some success, the fake wasp nests that you hang in open view and tends to keep wasps from building their nests to close...


On Guard...
     One of the nemeses that home inspectors need to be wary of are the stinging
Stinging meaniesmeanies that love to inhabit those well protected areas of your home. Often times, we open an electric panel or move a vent cover only to find that we are face to face, up close and personal with an ill tempered insect that stings first and doesn't bother asking questions.
     Today, while in a rural section of the county I didn't notice these critters until I got out from under the crawl and there they were, like a line of B-52's ready to take off and do battle. 
     But the average home owner, kid or pet doesn't always look or pay attention to these hidden nests until it is too late. Many stinging insects can induce anaphylatic shock, cardiac arrest or unconsciousness within a matter of minutes.

     Periodically check around your home for signs of wasp or hornet nests. There are wasp sprays that can propel the agent 20 feet or more and some that are not electrically conductive. If you are susceptible to the stings, always hire a professional exterminator.

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