Chris' Corner: Buying a Home? What kind of glass is in it?

Buying a Home? What kind of glass is in it?


Russel Ray, San Diego's home inspector extraordinaire, posted this great information about the GLASS in a property.  And the importance of tgempered or Safety glass. He give some great advice potential home buyers should heed


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Zoey the Cool Cat

Do you know what kind of gl*** you have?

Many of our older homes still have sliding glass doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and glass doors and walls in the shower area that are not tempered safety glass. An accidental fall into those doors, windows, and walls can cause serious injury.

The difference between tempered safety glass and regular glass is that tempered safety glass will hold together and simply shatter like that here:

Tempered safety glass

The fact that it generally will hold together will prevent someone from falling through the glass and possibly having serious cuts.

In one of the four corners there will be a tiny seal etched into the glass. Sometimes it will say "tempered" or "safety glass." Other times it will a group of letters and numbers, but if it's etched into the glass, it's highly likely that it is "tempered" or "safety glass."

Tempered safety glass 

Zoey the Cool CatTempered safety glass is significantly more expensive than regular glass, though, so if the tempered glass is shattered, home owners sometimes replace it with regular glass without realizing the possible consequences.

Check your own home, and check the homes you are listing or your Clients are buying. You can even ask your home inspector about them!

Sellers can either be proactive in replacing older glass or be prepared for the lack of tempered safety glass being noted in the home inspection report.

It is my considered opinion that Buyers should always list the lack of tempered safety glass on the list of requested repairs for the Sellers.

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That is one question I would have NEVER thought to ask. Interesting

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