Chris' Corner: Squirrels In An Attic Are A Danger!

Squirrels In An Attic Are A Danger!


Jay Maranich, a home inspector from Bristow VA and fellow active rain blogger recently posted this blog.  Squirrels and Raccoons can be an issue in the attics of South Simcoe homes, so I am sharing this information with you.  Once the critters have been removed, do not forget to seal up the points of entry.


I have had squirrels in my attic before, and they were hard to get rid of.  A Havahart trap from the local farm supply center worked great, along with some apple and peanut butter bait, and they were finally removed.  I took them to the Manassas Battlefield Park and let them go right where Stonewall Jackson waited for the Union troops and earned his nickname.  They lived happily ever after!  And I still have the trap!

This is why squirrels in an attic are a danger!

The same thing was happening in this attic that happened in mine.

The squirrels took insulation and piled it up and into an igloo, inside of which they lived comfortably and warm.  Of course, a large, energy-inefficient gap is left where the insulation is missing!

Fortunately, there were no baby squirrels yet, which is less of a complication when trying to eradicate them.

But this is the real problem.  Attic squirrels have a tendency to chew on things!

One of the worst things to chew on would be the wiring.  While doing so might zap the squirrel beyond repair, it also might create a spark or heat that could cause a fire.

Yes, squirrels are known to cause fires in attics!

My recommendation:  if you hear squirrels above your head chewing on something, or scampering from one side of the attic to the other, do not delay in trying to get rid of them!  Feel free to send them to me and I will let them go at the battlefield.  All joking aside, attic squirrels are a problem you don't want to fester.

And scattering a few of these around the attic will keep them busy until you are able to purchase a trap!



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