Chris' Corner: Poison Ivy in Caledon, King, Orangeville and South Simcoe

Poison Ivy in Caledon, King, Orangeville and South Simcoe


Poison Ivy can cause great discomfort and can be found almost anywhere in New Tecumseth and the rest of Southern Ontario.  Jay Markanich, a home inspector from Bristow VA and active rain blogger recently posted this great information.  Know how to spot Poison Ivy.  Do not touch it!  But if you do, heed his advice...


I do this a lot on home inspections.  I ask my clients, "Can you identify poison ivy when you see it?"

You can see poison ivy on and around houses, or huge patches just off the mowed grass of the lawn nationwide.  Often I ask clients if they know what the plant is when I find it around the house.  Seldom they do.  That can be a problem!

It was no different yesterday.

It is spring!  Sometimes the poison ivy from last year has settled down to sleep for the winter.

Here it is coming forth to grow around and cover up this electric meter.

In a couple of months someone may have decided to clean it off, wrapping the ivy around their hands to pull it away.

How can you tell poison ivy?

Two ways!








First, it has three equal leaves, somewhat shiny.  They are shiny because they are covered with oils.  Once you get that oil on bare skin, if you are allergic, it will bond and you will be uncomfortable for over a week! 

Second, poison ivy has a very "hairy" root.  When you see large hairy roots growing up and around a tree's trunk, you can be sure it is poison ivy!

What do you do if you think you touched it?


Warm and hot water helps it to bond with skin.  Dish detergent is formulated to cut oils and grease.  It works well to cut and remove the oil from your skin. 

Not everyone is allergic to poison ivy and if you are not good for you!  BUT!  If you have the oil on your skin or clothes and touch someone else who is allergic, you can transfer it to them!  Also, the dog can roll in it, get the oils on its fur and you pet the dog.  It will transfer to you that way too!

So wash up!  Including your clothes.

So, pay attention to your yard and what is growing there!  It is easiest to remove poison ivy when it is small.

Poison ivy (and poison oak and in the west there is poison sumac) is a true ivy.  It grows by sending out rhizomes, which are shoots off the stalk.  They grow underground and spring up nearby.  The new shoot sends out its own rhizomes and before long you have a patch.  It is relentless.

Poison ivy never grows as an individual plant.

There are various yard chemicals you can use to eradicate it.  Some are made to just kill the poison ivy off and leave what is nearby!  So read the label.

Spray the leaves and the base where they come up from the ground.  If you see more develop spray it too.




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