Chris' Corner: Healthy Eating for You and The Planet! The Bourse, New Haven

Healthy Eating for You and The Planet! The Bourse, New Haven


Mindy Kannon is a personal chef from Wilton CT, and she is hosting a seminar and food demo in New Haven Friday April 8th.  In her post, she mentions that eating well can be good for our envirnment and help Save Our Planet.  I want to share her thoughts with you.

Vegetable Based Diet - I seem to recall that it takes 17 pounds of vegetable protein to make 1 pound of beef protein, a very inefficient use of our earth's scarce resources.

Eating local, and Eating Organic.  For more information, read on:


It is sunny, supposed to be warm today and I am jazzed.

On Friday April 8th I am doing a seminar and food demo at the Bourse in New Haven.  This space is gorgeous.

It is a loft on Chapel Street that has been converted in to a co-op work space.  It is gorgeous.


You know how some places just automatically put you in a good mood?  This is one of them.

I have always been a country girl so these loft spaces are a novelty to me. My husband grew up in Central Park West so to him these lofts are a little more common.  Even he was impressed.  There is a Pilates studio at one end, followed by a library and a small kitchen and then an expanse of tables and desks.  The lighting was wonderful.  I wanted to curl up on one of the winged back chairs or couches and settle in for a nice long read.




So next Friday we will be talking about how the food that is the most healthy for us to eat is also the best for the planet.

Here are some highlights:

Vegetable based diet - Did you know if we were to cut our meat consumption by 20% not only would the number of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases be lowered but we would save the same amount of fuel as if we went from driving a sedan style vehicle to a fuel efficient Prius.  Meat production uses a ton of oil as well as adds to the world's greenhouse gas affects more than transportation.  Really!

Eating Local - This saves on transportation cost and fuel usage, insures that your food tastes better because it is picked at its peak of ripeness, supports local farmers and gets you closer to the source of your food.  When we are closer to the source we tend to be healthier than when we do not make the connection of what we are eating and where it came from.  Also local - tend to utilized less pesticides.

Organic - yeah some say there is no value but come on.  Even if the food isn't higher in nutritional value think what you are missing.  Chemicals, GMOs and organic farmers pay much more attention to the soil health of their crops.  Soil health leads to higher nutritional value in the food that is grown in that soil.  I could write a novel sized blog on pesticides and what they are doing to our bodies.  Most interesting to me is that they are really messing with our ability to conceive.  Okay so someone will spend 10's of thousands of dollars on medical assistance so that they can have a child, I understand the need, but then complains about the cost of organic.  There are some ties here. What we are eating is changing our bodies. 

So how do you eat?  I would love to hear from you.  And if your in the New Haven, Ct area next Friday from 2-4PM stop on in and join the conversation - I promise it will be interesting and lively - oh and there will be some tasty food to sample too!


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