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Thinking of Selling your South Simcoe Home?

This is great information from Kathy Streib, a Home Stager servicing the Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Palm Beach communities in Florida.

Before you market your home, consider removing much of your "stuff"!  Kathy give great advice on strategies to help you.

Are you thinking of selling your home or moving to any of the communities in New Tecumseth, Adjala-Tosorontio or Essa Township? ... or do you know someone who is?  Call me or have them contact me, Chris Smith @ 1.866.936.3500 for information and assistance to help achive your (or their) real estate goals.


Boca Raton Home Staging FAQ’s-Where Do I Put All the Stuff?

Home Staging FAQ'sHome Stagers and Realtors always get this question... “What do I do with all the stuff you told me to remove?”  And that would be a very valid question.  The #1 comment I receive from Realtors when referring their client to me is that they have too much stuff.  

We are a society of collectors...whether it be books, fine art, glass, paintings or even clothes.   Eventually our collections overrun our lives.  

So when a homeowner is putting their house on the market, they now have to figure out what to do with it all.  Somehow what we have grows exponentially until we decide to sell the house.

So... What DO you Do with all your stuff when you’re putting your house on the market?

* Throw it out! Seriously... what do you plan on doing with those stacks of magazines with recipes you don’t have time to cook?  When’s the last time you edited all of your cleaning supplies, disposing of the ¾ full bottle of all-purpose cleaner that doesn’t clean.   

                     *Please be sure to recycle if you have old newspapers and magazines!*

* Donate it! I know.. it’s hard to part with our belongings but we all have items we don’t use anymore,  are redundant, don’t fit us or never did use.  These items can be dropped off or picked up by some well known charities such as Good Will, Purple Heart and for those of us in South Florida, Faith Farm Ministries.  

    If you have something that was great when you bought it but no longer fits or you’re just plain tired of it, then let it live on by donating it.  


*Pack It Up!  There will be clothing and other items that you want to keep but do not need on a daily basis.  In that case... start packing!   You can buy moving boxes from your local Moving Company, Costco, and Craigslist.  Private sellers will even have larger wardrobe boxes, art boxes, and wrapping paper that they will either give you or will charge a nominal fee.


*Sell it!  More and more people are selling and buying items from eBay and Craigslist.   Do your due diligence and use caution but you just never know who will be wanting some of your treasures!


*Store it!  Many storage facilities offer monthly rentals so you’re not locked in for 6 months or a year.  It’s ideal for storing your excess furniture and items that have already been boxed up.  

Note: When calling around for pricing be sure to check locations that might be just a little further away from the storage facility nearest to you, even if they are part of the same company.  Rates can vary.  


*Hide it!  No... you don’t have to start digging holes to hide your items.  But there moving boxesare items that you need and use daily or weekly but that you don’t want out in the open.  

You can purchase covered file boxes, for example, for your office to hide papers and files you need.  

Invest in small plastic bins to hold daily toiletries.  You can easily stash this under the sink.  


*Distribute it! If you have treasures that you’ve been saving to give to your family members (and this includes extra furniture), you could do this now.  One of my clients put all of her crystal and collectibles out and told her children to take what they wanted and the rest she was selling or donating.


Additional Tips:

If you can, call in the services of a friend to help you sort through what stays and what goes.  That second set of eyes may be just the extra nudge you need to retire the bell bottom pants you’ve been holding on to.. or sell the piano you don’t even play.


If you need to store packed boxes in your garage, remember that Buyers are also looking to see how large your garage is and if it really fit 2 or 3 cars.  Stack things in a corner very neatly.   


Room Service! Home Staging offers it Market Ready Consultation to help you get your house in order!



Kathy Streib 
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Thinking of Selling your South Simcoe Home?
This is great information from Kathy Streib, a Home Stager servicing the Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Palm Beach communities in Florida. Before you market your home, consider removing much of your "stuff"! Kathy give great advice on… more
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