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PVC Trim - Best Practices

Jay Markanich, a home inspector serving northern Virginia, shared this information on PVC as house trim in his ongoing series "Best Practices".  PVC is a great solutiom for homes in South Simcoe.

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Something I am seeing more and more of during new construction inspections is PVC trim around windows and doors.  And why not?  It does not rot, warp, split, crack or fade.  It accepts paint easily. 

Why not!?

The windows all around this large sun room are very efficient. 

They are insulated very well.

And the outside all around this room is surrounded by PVC trim.

Even looking at it up close it is hard to tell that it is PVC!

It looks just like wood.

However, the "carpenter," if I can call the contractor that, because carpentry is traditionally known as a wood-working trade, the carpenter's skill is essential.

PVC trim acts like wood, but it is easier to mis-cut and mis-fit. 

If a mistake is made, putty and caulking are not so easily employed to "hide" the fact!

Just to prove how beautiful this job was, look at the following photo:

This is looking at the left corner near the downspout.

I think it is a job well done!

The miters are tight, nail holes are filled, and gaps are sealed in a way that makes them look naturally fit together.

To me this looked great!

To me this is

Best Practice

And I would like to see more of it!

On this particular house, one thing was very obvious to me.

The same person(s) did not work on the window trim as did on other aspects of the house.

For example, in contrast, this is just one very-poorly done spot on the front door porch roof.

The ends were not cut straight or smoothed out.

Nail holes were not filled.

Miters were not well done.

Ding spots from the hammer were clearly visible.

The caulking done to hide the poor joints is ugly.

Overall, many aspects on the rest of the house were not, clearly NOT, done by the same professional(s) as worked on the window trim.

I found it disgusting.

And this is not a cheap house! 

The buyer was not at the inspection, which necessitated not only explaining myself very clearly on the report but taking photos to show what I am describing.

He called me last night (their walk through is this morning) and agreed with me.  Well, naturally!


Reading what he read on the report, and seeing what he saw on the photos, will surely help MY CLIENT to make the great, and important case, that some things need to be done over!

My recommendation:  on new construction inspections, just prior to the final walk through, it is important to compare some aspects of the house with others.  That way the case can be made, if necessary, that all the work done was not done to the same standards.  Or maybe it was!  That is another case I like to make very much, but unfortunately do not have as much opportunity to do.



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PVC Trim - Best Practices
Jay Markanich, a home inspector serving northern Virginia, shared this information on PVC as house trim in his ongoing series "Best Practices". PVC is a great solutiom for homes in South Simcoe. If you are looking to buy and/or sell… more
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