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Inspecting Older Electrical Systems...

Michael Thornton, a Nashville area Home Inspector shared this observation with us.  Being aware of potential issues, and how they might be properly addressed is another great reason to hire a professional home inspector.

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Inspecting Older Electrical Systems...
     When inspecting older properties, a Nashville Home Inspector needs to stay on their Improper Tap off Main Busstoes and leave nothing to chance, especially electrical systems. The picture to the left shows an older panel with wires tapped off the top of the main bus lugs which are leading to another panel. As the need for energy increased, many older electrical systems  did not have the capacity to meet the expanding demand, hence taps such as this one.
     My concern is always for the safety of the occupants. Being rated at 60 amps, the wires leading to the sub-panel did not meet the amp load capacity of the main breaker which is 125 amps. Not to mention that power coming in from the mast head was under powered. As the system is now drawing a potential of 200 amps and is wired for a capacity of 125. Under the right conditions, these wires could overheat and cause a fire within the panel.
     I take the time to explain to my customers, have a licensed electrician review the panel and make corrections. Be safe. Make sure that the electrical system meets acceptable industry standards.

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