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Be Careful out there today!

Just a follow up warning!  I had to drive what was supposed to be a two hour and fifteen minute trip to be present on a final walk through on a property I sold in Toronto that will close on Wednesday. A study indicated that accidents are up seventeen percent today over normal because of the effects to our internal body clocks because of the time change. 

I happen to be spending a week up in Collingwood, so the drive should have been just a little longer than twice what it would have been if I were home.  Heeding my own advice, I was extra vigilant and tried to pay even more attention than usual to the road and other drivers.

The drive down to Barrie was uneventful, with a little drifting snow across Hwy 26.  I turned onto Highway 400 and my GPS was telling me that I would arrive about 30 minutes early.  I thought I might have time for a car wash.

I passed Highway 89 making great time when all of a sudden I saw that dreaded "sea of red lights" ahead.  There was some type of traffic issue, and immediately I thought of yesterdays post.  I had been listening to the sports station follow up talk show after another Toronto Raptor loss (I think it was their 48th this year) and immediately switched to 680 news to try and find out what was causing the delay.  The traffic came to a dead stop, which is not a good sign.  I could see about a mile ahead and their was no movement and already traffic was backed up further back than I could see.

The new indicated that there was a major accident blocking the two left lanes, but there was absolutely no movement, which meant that all lanes were blocked.  I got that bad feeling that someone was hurt or worse.  I had turned off my engine and now tried to contact my clients to let them know that I was stuck and had no idea how long the delay would be.  Ten minutes later, fearing a very long delay, I tried to contact the listing agent.  He returned my call and agreed to meet my clients and let them in.  I called my clients and relayed the message.  People were walking on the road to try and see what was the delay.  In an accident like this, the best place to stay is in your car!
After about forty-five minutes, I saw traffic ahead start to move.  I called my clients and the listing agent to let them know that I would be there about fifteen minutes late, and resumed my drive.  I do not know for sure, but am pretty confident that there was no loss of life yesterday (in that case the traffic is normally stopped for hours while the police proceed with their investigation).The inspection went fine, a couple of minor issues need to be resolved.  My clients were thrilled to be moving in on Wednesday.

I told my clients, and their parents, about the nature of my blog and that they should be extra careful driving the next few days, and the message was received loud and clear!

Be Careful when driving today!!!

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