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Google+1, Google+ and you...


There has been quite the "buzz" about google+ lately.  Debbie Gartner, of White Plains NY writes an easy to follow informative post on google+1.  In her blog, there are links to a previous post explaining how to add the google+1 icon to your posts and a link to another blog with some information of google+ "7 things you can do on google+ that you cannot do on Facebook".  Interested in this new SM vehicle?  Read on...


google plus onegoogle plusYesterday, I wrote a post about how you can add the Google +1 button to your website.  Based on many of the comments, I realized there is a LOT of confusion out there about Google +1 and Google +...many people think you need to join Google + in order to use Google +1, and that is simply not the case!


google plus oneGoogle +1 is similar to "liking" someone or something.  So, if you see a website or a blog post, and if there is a +1 button, you can click it saying that you think it's good or important.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A GOOGLE + ACCT TO DO THIS.  But, you do need a gmail acct (and be logged in) and a google profile (which you should have anyway and only takes a few mins to fill out...and gives you a link back to your website and/or blog).


Both "liking" and "+1's" will help your site's ranking.  Apparently google and the other search engines like that real people are interacting w/ your page and that shows that it's a good page.


The big benefit of getting +1's on your site and/or your posts, is that it gives you a bit of extra google juice so you can go a bit higher in there rankings. (Please note this is one of many factors and content/keywords/links are still way more important.  In addition, when people in your social network have +1'd something, they show up underneath the search results thereby (theoretically) leading to higher click through rates.  (the theory is that if one of your friends thought something was good, you are more likely to trust them and click through to see it).


  • Most sites do not yet have a Google +1 button on them, since this is so new.  But, that will change, and you can see that many "in the know" have recently added it.  I just added the button to mine (see above post).  Apparently, there is also a Wordpress plug in you can use...see John Novak's comment (#50) on above post for a link to it.


  • If there is no +1 button on your site, and alternative is to find the site by googling it...and before you click through to the site, +1 it in will be just tot he right of the title and you have to scroll over it.


  • Most of google's properties recently added the +1 feature including youtube and blogger and picassa.  So, if you have anything in these properties, head on over to your site/channel, etc. and +1 your stuff (or the important ones.


  • To +1 your videos on Youtube, it's a bit trickier to find the button. Not sure why they did this.  Go find your video.  Then, go to "Share" and then you should see it.  (also, while you are there, you can "like" your video, too.


google plus

Google + is a SOCAL NETWORK. It is similar to Facebook but with several enhancements.  I'm not going to get into the pros/cons of this network and whether it's worth your time...I think it suffices to say "the jury is still out."  I think Phil Faranda summarized many of the benefits well in his post 7 things you can do on Google + that you can't do on Facebook.


Google + is still in beta and I'm sure it will get even better.  I think for now I'll dabble in it and see.  Right now, it's invite only, and if you want an invite, shoot me an email w/ your email addy and I'll send you an invite. (this post is public so you may not want to add your email to the comments).


You can choose if you want to invest time in Google + or praise it or criticize it, but this post is not about that. 


Now, here is where the syergy comes in w/ Google +1 and Google +

In your search results, it now shows the posts that your Google + connections have +1'd.  So, this will help your click through rates. It shows their picture underneath the search result.


The real power will come when people in your social network search and you come up...or better yet, when your social network is +1'ng (and/or liking) your site and then it comes up on the searches for all of their network.


So consider this point before writing off Google +.  As google and the other search engines are putting more and more weight on social media, and as they are personalizing search results, my guess it that this will play a more critical role in the future. AND REMEMBER, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PART OF GOOGLE + IN ORDER TO +1 YOUR OR SOMEONE ELSE'S SITE

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