Chris' Corner: September 2011

Eco-friendly Kitchen Tips - Part One

The following tips might help you reduce the energy you consume (and save you some money) while cooking in the kitchen:

  • Use a toaster oven/infrared cooker/microwave - these appliances use a fraction of the energy that a full-sized oven consumes and often is a perfect size for heating/re-heating/cooking a meal
  • When Boiling Water - use the electric kettle first, it can be up to twice as efficient as boiling a pot of water on the stove. When hard boiling eggs, making pasta, cooking vegetables etc, use your electric kettle to boil the water first.
  • Cook using residual heat - this is not as tricky as it sounds... Reduce your energy use when roasting, making casseroles or baking by turning the oven off a few minutes before the recipe indicates and use the heat of the oven to finish the dish (if you are cooking a meat, use a meat thermometer to ensure you reach the correct temperature),
  • Use the Right-Sized Burner - Do Not put a small pot on a large burner / When using a gas burner, ensure that the flame is completely below the pot
  • Skip Preheating when you can - A general rule of thumb is that any dish that needs to be in the oven for 45 minutes or more (such as casseroles, lasagna, baked potatoes, baked beans, winter squash, roasts) can be started in a cold oven. And keep the oven door closed, opening it can reduce the temperature in the oven from 25 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, if you need to look, look through the glass window in the door. *** Breads and baked cookies require a preheated oven for better results.
  • Use a Pressure Cooker - Can save up to 70% of the energy consumed by cooking on a stove. Added benefits are that it keeps the kitchen cooler, retains more nutrients, and the super-heated steam tends to intensify flavour, which can help you reduce the amount of salt and/or fat that you add.

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Eco-friendly Kitchen Tips - Part One
The following tips might help you reduce the energy you consume (and save you some money) while cooking in the kitchen: Use a toaster oven/infrared cooker/microwave - these appliances use a fraction of the energy that a full-sized oven… more
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