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Bittersweet Monday...

I had a busy weekend and wasn't aware how my teams were doing, so catching up this morning finds me with mixed emotions...

NBA - My team is, and always will be, the Toronto Raptors,
toronto raptors

and last year, we were out of the playoffs by December, so for this year's playoffs I adopted anybody but Miami philosophy... sentiments I sure that were not uncommon in North America.  Unless you live in Miami, or have a particular attachment to one of the players or the team, the arrogance of their display last July probably grated on you, at least a little.  On paper, they seem a force, but the game is not played on paper, and even though I have no particular affinity to the Dallas Mavericks, CONGRATULATIONS!  Dirk, you are the man, and I am very happy for all you Dallas Fans.  Mark Cuban, I like your style... The only thing that would have made this more fun for me, would have been if Steve Nash was the point gaurd, nothing against Jason Kidd, but it would have been the icing on the cake.

Dallas Mavericks

MLB - My team is, and always will be, the Toronto Blue Jays, and we are in a rebuilding mode with a lot of young promising pitchers and a pretty good right fielder, Jose Bautista with Adam Lind protecting him in the batting order...

Toronto Blue Jays
We were taught an ugly lesson by the big bad Boston Red Sox over the weekend, and now I hear that our pitching is ranked 27th in MLB (out of 30).  Boston looks formidable with three sweeps against the A's, the Yankees, and now the Blue Jays. This weekend aside, I see signs that we are moving in the right direction.  Our batters were warming up, Boston series aside, and though a playoff spot is unlikely, I hope our young players make positive strides...

Boston Bruins

I have been a Boston Bruin fan since probably 1968, before a lot of you were born, Bobby Orr, Derek Sanderson, Phil Esposito, Wayne Cashman, Gerry Cheevers, et al are emblazoned in my memory, and teams like Philadelphia (the old Broad Street Bullies) and Montreal (Ken Dryden gave me nightmares ;-) will never be on my Christmas Card list...  Boston still have a chance over Vancouver.  I will try and record the game and maintain radio silence and hopefully catch it later this evening or tomorrow morning.

One Happy =) One Sad =( One... Hope springs eternal ... Bittersweet...


NFL - I have been a Steelers fan as long as I can remember, again from the days of the Steel Curtain in the 1970's. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

Notice a trend?  I guess it is part of my core values, I tend to be loyal... my wife likes that ;-)




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