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Make every day Earth Day

Earth day is over for another year, so is April, Earth Month. The short term effects of our changes, if they were only for the day or the month have been realized. Have your thinking, your choices been influenced for a lifetime?

The Give It Up for Earth Day campaign identified four daily changes that could add up to a great environmental savings.

1) Turn off the TV,

On average, Canadians spend 1,500 hours out of 5,824 waking hours a year watching TV, about 10% of their residential electrical consumption. If you can't turn it "off", can you reduce the TV you watch?

2) Eliminate the use of Toxic Cleaners,

The average Canadian Household contains 20 toxic chemicals and Canadians throw out 23 kg of hazardous household waste per person per year. There are environmentally friendly options for almost every type of household cleaner you would use, please consider them.

3) Reducing the consumption of Consumer Products,

One third of Canadians buys gifts they cannot afford. Those of us that celebrate Christmas spend an average of $587 on gifts and entertaining every year. We spend $100 a week on non-essential items.  Start with a goal of reducing your consumption.

4) Reducing the consumption of meat.

Meat production consumes 10 to 20 times more energy per edible tonne than grain production. It takes 20,000 l of water to produce 1 kg of beef, as opposed to 2,000 l for 1 kg of grain. Canadians consume an average of 62 kg of meat and poultry per year.  Perhaps we can reserve one or two days a week as vegetarian days...


I see this as a huge opportunity for us to improve our choices as save our planet! Aim for a small reduction in your consumption, say 10%, and when you achieve that consistently, then aim to reduce again. Together we can make a difference!


Canadian mothers are more concerned about their environment than mothers from Britain or the U.S. according to a recent P&G Future Friendly survey!!

69% of Canadian mothers surveyed said they were concerned about the environment compared to 45% of American mothers and 48% of British mothers.

The same survey reported that: 53% of Canadian mothers buy green cleaning products when they can. 61% will choose products or services that are environmentally friendly. 64% remind others, at least once a month, to be environmentally conscious.

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Make every day Earth Day
Earth day is over for another year, so is April, Earth Month. The short term effects of our changes, if they were only for the day or the month have been realized. Have your thinking, your choices been influenced for a lifetime? The Give It Up… more
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